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She looks very much like my late great grandmother.


Very interesting photo about social anthropology. Many thanks for your research.

Otto K.

Such wonderful detail.

eric kim

wow. amazing portraits. keep up the work.


Superb shots!


Amazing photos and I enjoy reading all about this. Highlight of my morning was seeing these photos.


We also have this in Quezon province :D! The old way to heal the sick ;)! Great close up !

yiannis krikis

excellent series - I like all the images - nice framings and colors


Great series of snaps. I really like the way you captured the doctor at work. Also, you have captured the doctor as a person perfectly - age lines, wrinkles and all.

kevin anonymous

she scares in the "mangkukulam" sense. still, great photos! who knew colt 45 had such powers.


Bonjour Sidney. I'm back
Je devrais aller rendre une visite à cette guérisseuse afin qu'elle m'amène une certaine sérénité dans la vie de tous les jours.
Je vais devoir prendre un grand moment pour aller découvrir tout ce que j'ai loupé pendant mon absence.
Ton blog est toujours aussi fantastique par ce que tu nous fais découvrir. Amitiés


visage buriné par le temps, de bine beaux portraits.

Craig Wilson

Amazing images Sid - the details and feeling in these are perfect! Nice work my friend.

fotografia e luz

Pretty pictures with this lady, very successful

Gérard Méry

Courage Sidney it is only a question of time(weather), you can take photos by waiting.


this is all new to me. i mean, i've read about it but seeing your documentation now makes my inept knowledge trivial. i love the progression of the shots and how you were able to catch her facial expressions while actually doing the whole process. most of the mananambal are really old, i wonder how they transfer the skills (powers?) to their next kin. or was it even transferable? hmm.

luna miranda

love the 2nd portrait---a serene leathery face painted by countless hot suns.:)

haggis basher

Ditch My destiny and switch to PLDT's myDSL!

Great images Sidney, I can just see something strange happening at the tip of the bamboo straw in the last image.


another awesome photo series! interesting portraits!


Great shots of this interesting practice!


Bezutiful shots. The second one is stunning!


la cliché 2 nous rappelle ces visages indiens, excellent..cette magicienne des ages

Gérard Méry

Admiratif, ta deuxième photo est une merveille, bravo Sidney.


a very special lady!

nice to meet you, sidney! yes, belgium is worth to visit, even as the philippines?? :-))


OMG, do you realize how valuable and fantastic your documentation of this is? Every line of her face is a road to a story of someone who has lain on her healing bed.

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